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Need someone to cut through the technical jargon? Short of time to gather the information you need? Unsure what to say in a legal or public relations setting? That’s where Odournet’s expert meteorologist services come in.

Helping you see past the technical jargon
Helping you see past the technical jargon

How can we help?

Skilled in translating complex data into meaningful information, our expert meteorologists can help you to maintain compliance and best practice, prevent prosecution, improve your environmental credentials, and save time and money.

Our considerable experience of supporting companies in legal proceedings involving air quality and meteorological issues means we’ll waste no time getting to grips with your case. We can produce high-quality reports quickly and explain complex information in a meaningful way for a legal or public relations audience.

Each case is unique, and our accredited meteorologist services will be tailored to your needs. Our support might include:

  • providing expert testimony
  • analysing and explaining technical information and issues
  • producing technical and scientific reports
  • identifying key issues and developing the technical strategy to support or refute a claim
  • collecting, cataloguing and presenting data, graphs and exhibits
  • advising legal counsel on technical matters.

Need to know more?

Implementing environmental policies, ensuring compliance and dealing with legal proceedings can be incredibly time-consuming. But the value of doing these things has never been greater – due to increasingly stringent legislation, customer pressure and the development of government policies favouring environmental protection. So if your site produces odour, you’ve no time to lose.

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