Odour emission measurement

Measure… evaluate… control

Emission measurement is crucial to the regulation and control of odours. Before you can define the extent of an odour problem, you need first to identify potential sources of odour emissions and understand their magnitude and characteristics.

Emission measurement is the first step towards defining and controlling the problem
Emission measurement is the first step towards defining and controlling the problem

How can we help?

Odournet consultants are highly experienced in the measurement of odour emissions across all types of industry. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • odour emission measurement and analysis according to EN 13725, the European Standard for olfactometry
  • odour composition analysis using gas chromatography (GCMS/TOF) and GC-Sniffing
  • smoke testing and thermal imaging to identify routes of odour/air escape
  • field assessments of odour emissions from diffuse sources (e.g. landfills) in accordance with prEN 264086
  • air tightness and leakage measurement in buildings (ATTMA TS1 and EN 13829)
  • bioaerosol sampling of stack emissions in accordance with VDI 4257 Part 2.
  • MCERTS and UKAS accredited odour, bio-aerosol, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and VOC emission measurements.

Need to know more?

All these odour emissions services are delivered through our national offices by experienced consultants, who will design sampling strategies to reflect your specific requirements. All odour sampling and analysis is conducted in accordance with published national and international technical and quality standards. Please contact your local Odournet office for more information.

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