Odour emission measurement

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Emission measurement is crucial to the regulation and control of odours. Before you can define the extent of an odour problem, you need first to identify potential sources of odour emissions and understand their magnitude and characteristics.

Odour emissions are typically measured in European odour units in accordance with the EN13725 European Standard for olfactometry, or as individual chemical components using compound specific detectors or molecular analysis. Olfactometry is the preferred approach for environmental odours which are generally mixtures of different odorous components. The outputs of odour emission measurement can be used to assess compliance to regulatory emission limits, assess the performance of odour control plant or provide data to inform impact assessments.


How can we help?

Odournet are highly experienced in the measurement of odour emissions across all types of industry. We have developed specialist procedures for determination of emissions from stacks, vents, liquid tanks, buildings and solid material such as compost heaps. We offer a comprehensive range of services which comply with a range of published national and international technical and quality standards, including:

  • odour emission measurement and analysis according to the European Standard for olfactometry EN 13725 (UKAS and MCERTS accredited)
  • MCERTS and UKAS accredited bio-aerosol, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and VOC emission measurements
  • odour composition analysis using gas chromatography (GCS/TOF) and GC-Sniffing
  • field assessments of odour emissions from diffuse sources (e.g. landfills) in accordance with EN 264086
  • Fugitive emissions and leakage testing

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All our services are delivered through our national offices by experienced consultants, who will design surveys in accordance with local guidance and regulatory requirements.

Please contact your local Odournet office for more information.

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