Our commitment to environmental odour management

You can change your friends but not your neighbours…

…So make sure you treat them well! If your industrial or agricultural activity causes a smell, they may kick up a stink. And with good reason: sites that have an odour impact on neighbouring residents are increasingly required to control their environmental odour. And ignorance is no defence – so you simply can’t afford to leave your environmental performance to chance.

Improve your environmental performance and keep your neighbours happy
Improve your environmental performance and keep your neighbours happy

How can we help?

Through a range of odour analysis and management techniques, the experts at Odournet can help you make sure you’re doing everything possible to manage your emissions – keeping your neighbours happy and avoiding costly social, regulatory and legal conflicts.

Odournet has a proven track record in assisting industry with environmental odour management. With more than 30 years’ experience in the field, we offer a full range of services to identify, measure, assess and control emissions, and manage conflict and stakeholder expectations.

Choose us and you’ll benefit from:

  • our detailed independent knowledge of odour analysis and assessment techniques
  • our detailed technical understanding of industrial odour sources
  • our extensive in-house odour sampling and odour analysis resources, which are accredited to internationally recognised quality standards (ISO 17025)
  • our detailed knowledge of worldwide odour policy and regulations – so wherever in the world you are, we’ve got it covered.

Need to know more?

Knowledge isn’t all we offer. Having delivered more than 3,000 individual studies across Europe, South America and Asia, we’ve also got the experience and insight to back it up. Contact your local Odournet office to find out more.

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