Wastewater and sewage odour control

It’s a fact that any installation treating domestic and industrial effluent is at significant risk from odour problems and community complaints. This is particularly true of municipal wastewater treatment plants, because:

  • they are often located close to residential housing
  • there is a trend for the sale of land around these plants for residential and commercial use
  • odour management at older sites can be especially challenging, due to their scale and predominantly open design.
Odournet can tackle the odorous issues associated with wastewater
Odournet can tackle the odorous issues associated with wastewater

How can we help?

Odournet has the knowledge and experience to tackle the environmental and social problems associated with wastewater and sewage treatment plants. We have carried out studies on wastewater treatment applications across the world, on behalf of water authorities, international wastewater service providers and designers. As a result, we’ve accumulated an extensive resource of odour emission data, operational experience and odour abatement solutions. We know that these can make a huge difference to plant operators’ ability to manage their site’s odour impact – not to mention relations with their neighbours.

Need to know more?

You can find out more about the services we offer by contacting your local Odournet office. We think you’ll be impressed – our existing customers certainly are, as this testimonial shows:

“We have used Odournet for the last 10 years and, over this period, we have found Odournet’s expertise to be professional, focused and practical. I would definitely recommend Odournet’s expertise to be used by other businesses. They are good at what they do.” Veolia Water UK


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