Odour complaints management

Perception is everything

Managing complaints about odour-generating activities has a great deal to do with pre-empting problems and managing perceptions. Input from the local community can provide valuable information about the location, time, duration and character of an odour nuisance – all of which can help you to minimise the negative impact.

Balancing the interests of the operator and the local community
Balancing the interests of the operator and the local community

For this reason, any successful odour control strategy should be founded on effective communication with nearby residents, particularly in terms of managing their expectations and responding to their concerns. This is, however, an area that is often overlooked.

How can we help?

Our consultants are highly experienced strategic communicators, and can provide detailed advice on how to optimise communications and manage crisis situations to ensure a successful balance between the interests of the operator and those of the surrounding community.

Odournet also offers a range of data collection applications (e.g. real-time odour dispersion monitoring and dispersion modelling software) that are designed to assess patterns of odour complaints, and identify the probable cause of these complaints and potential spurious allegations or malicious behaviour. Thanks to EnviroSuite, these web-based solutions can be used as an interactive community relations platform that local residents can easily engage with. The aim is simple: to de-escalate community conflicts and encourage effective, fact-based odour impact management policies.

Need to know more?

EnviroSuite takes successful odour complaint management into the digital age. It makes the whole process more straightforward and transparent by allowing members of the public to share information about odours – online or using a smartphone. Your staff can then use the tool to follow up and provide immediate feedback, based on trajectory analysis to pinpoint the source of the observed odour. Direct interaction between citizens, administrators and plant operators works to reduce anxiety and hence can avoid formal complaints procedures.

If you’d like more information about how EnviroSuite can help you manage odour complaints, please email modelling@odournet.com.


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