Odour impact assessment

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

We say that some things hang around like a bad smell… but unpleasant odours don’t have to be difficult to get rid of. A bad business reputation in your local area might be harder to shift – so wake up and smell the coffee! Call in the experts at Odournet. We can help you to manage environmental odour, so you can enjoy the much sweeter smell of success!

Odour impact assessments are a complex but crucial part of environmental odour management
Odour impact assessments are a complex but crucial part of environmental odour management

How can we help?

Odournet’s impact assessments are a crucial step in helping you manage environmental odour. Our extensive knowledge and global experience means we can provide all the data required to ensure your site complies with the relevant odour policy and regulations. For you, that means preventing the social, regulatory and legal conflicts that can be costly in terms of both finances and reputation.

Assessing the odour impact of an industrial installation is a complex process, and there are a number of techniques currently in use across Europe. We are proud to be experts in all of these methods and their practical implementation. So wherever in the world you are, your nearest Odournet office will be able to advise on the most suitable solution for your business.

Some of our odour impact assessment methods are:

  • mathematical odour dispersion modelling studies (also available for new installations)
  • odour exposure assessment by direct field inspection (e.g. VDI 3940 and EN16841)
  • real-time odour monitoring and exposure profiling
  • community monitoring and odour complaint analysis.

Need to know more?

All our measurement techniques address the full range of factors to consider when conducting an odour impact assessment. These factors include the odour intensity, frequency and duration of exposure, offensiveness of the odour, and the odour sensitivity of those living in the affected environment.

Please get in touch with your local Odournet office if you’d like to find out more about managing environmental odour.

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