Environmental odour management

Time to freshen up your environmental credentials?

Our experts can help you make sure your emissions are under control.

And if your industrial or agricultural activity causes an odour, that’s not something you’ll want to leave to chance. With a comprehensive range of analysis and management techniques, we think our track record speaks for itself. There’s never been a better time to enjoy a breath of fresh air!

We had an major olfactive environment pollution issue close to an industrial area, around Saint Etienne city, without precise identification of odours origins.


After many complains, the service of environment inspection has decided to be supported by a competent cabinet in order to identify odours origin, their characteristics and creation conditions.

Once selected, ODOURNET offered adaptation of technical specifications to find the cause of this environment issue.

The study is underway, and the Cabinet was very responsive and has clearly outlined the contours of this complex project.

The final results are expected soon and Odournet expertise will permit, as wished, to significantly solve this issue.

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