Odour regulation studies for the public sector

Odour regulation studies for the public sector | Odournet 2017-12-04 11-47-02Odournet carries out a range of odour studies on behalf of local and national regulatory authorities worldwide, as well as for industry trade bodies and organisations.

In the process of defining a regulatory framework a robust understanding of the underlying science is a necessary starting point. Odournet has advised various national and regional authorities in this context:


Regulatory projects where Odournet advisors have been involved:

  • Expert witness services and regulatory workshop for the Environmental Department of Metro Vancouver, British Columbia (2017)
  • Expert auditor under  ISO17025 for accreditation of EN13725 odour laboratory, for the Hong Kong Accreditation Service (2017)
  • Science support and workshops for the Ministry of the Environment, Dpto. Ruido Lumínica y Olores, Chile (2012-2014)
  • Workshop for trade organisation of livestock producers, ASPROCER, Chile (2013)
  • Science support for the Ministry of the Environment in Colombia. Strategic advice on controlling emissions from hydroelectric installations, with the Universidad de los Andes (2013)
  • Clean Air Society of Auatralia and New Zealand and Environmental Protection Agency of Western Australia, Odour regulation workshop, 2009
  • Science support and workshops for the Departament del Medi Ambient, Generalitat de Catalunya. This included a modelling survey of key odour emitting industries in Catalunya (2005-2009)
  • UK Water Industry Research Ltd, Odour control in wastewater treatment – a technical reference document (1999-2002)
  • Science support and workshops for the Environment Protection Agency, Ireland, for the regulatory frameworks of livestock industries, mushroom compost production and landfills  (2001-2007)
  • Science support and workshops for the Environment Agency, United Kingdom, leading to the preparation of a review of regulatory options (2005)
  • Science support and underlying studies for the regulatory framework of the Ministry for the Environment of the Netherlands, including dose effect studies for odour nuisance around livestock production units. (1981-2006)

Studies supporting regulatory frameworks can include:

  • independent assessments of industrial facilities and operations for regulatory or planning purposes
  • preparation of expert statements to support regulatory enforcement action
  • expert witness services
  • preparation of guidance on odour assessment and odour management (sector guidance, best practice guides and BAT notes)
  • development of regional and national odour policy and odour regulations.

Odournet played a key role in drafting EU standards for odour assessment:

  • EN13725:2003 Air Quality – Determination of odour concentration using dynamic olfactometry. Odournet founder Ton van Harreveld acted as convenor for the first edition (2003) and is convenor for the first revision of the standard (ongoing)
  • EN16841:2016 Ambient air – Determination of odour in ambient air by using field inspection – Part 1: Grid method
  • EN16841:2016 Ambient air – Determination of odour in ambient air by using field inspection – Part 2: Plume method

Need to know more?

Odournet also organises odour seminars in partnership with various public sector institutions. Recent examples include an international seminar on environmental odour management in Chile and an odour assessment and control seminar in India.

We’d be pleased to discuss your specific requirements with you – please Contact Your Local Odournet Office to find out how our odour studies could support your area of work.


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