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Are you playing by the rules?

If your industrial activity is one of those required by environmental regulations to hold a permit, you’ll be glad to know that Odournet can help ensure your facility is designed, constructed and operated in compliance with all applicable air quality regulations.

We ensure your facility operates in compliance with all applicable air quality regulations
We ensure your facility operates in compliance with all applicable air quality regulations

As well as improving your environmental performance, we’ll ensure an accurate and timely permit application that’s strategically crafted for maximum flexibility. We can even conduct negotiations with regulatory agencies on your behalf.

So whether you’re an owner or an operator – and whether you’re constructing a new facility, expanding an existing one or simply modifying your operations – if you’re subject to air quality permitting requirements, our team of specialists has the expertise and knowledge you need.

How can we help?

Our consultancy team has skills in all the key areas associated with air quality permits and regulations: estimating emissions to air, pollutant dispersion modelling and air quality regulation. We have performed thousands of odour dispersion modelling studies in support of air permit operations applications in a wide range of processes all over the world. On a regular basis, we apply a wide range of advanced dispersion and meteorological prediction models, including:

  • the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Complex, Industrial Source Complex (ISC), AERMOD and CALPUFF models
  • the German Federal Environment Agency AUSTAL model
  • the Netherlands’ New National Model (Stacks and Pluim Plus)
  • the UK’s Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants(CERC)/Meteorological Office Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System (ADMS)
  • Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) The Air Pollution Model (TAPM)
  • Pennsylvania State University’s MM5 and WRF models
  • computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling.

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With 30 years’ experience in all aspects of air quality regulation, Odournet is ideally placed to support your air quality permit application.

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