Fugitive Emissions & Leakage Testing

Fugitive emissions & leakage testing

Containment is key

Fugitive releases of odours from buildings and process tanks are often overlooked when investigating odour issues and be significant contributors to offsite odour problems. Such emissions are often variable since they are strongly influenced by processing and weather conditions,  and hence can be difficult to identify and quantify.


Odournet has a great deal of experience in this area and has developed a range of testing procedures which help our clients to assess the significance of and effectively manage fugitive emissions.


How can we help?

Our services include:

  • smoke testing and thermal imaging to identify routes of odour/air escape
  • air tightness and leakage measurement in buildings (based on ATTMA TS1 and EN 13829)
  • gas tracers and decay monitoring
  • visual inspection of tank and building integrity

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