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Odournet’s top-level expertise in a variety of sensory odour analysis techniques means we can offer our clients an unparalleled service, whatever their needs. With seven laboratories specialising in sensory odour analysis across Europe, Asia and Latin America, we process more than 5,000 odour samples annually.

All six of our European laboratories are accredited to ISO 17025 and EN 13725. And, as their performance in international proficiency tests shows, their work consistently meets the highest standards.

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From odour concentration analysis to assessor certification, our highly specialist services are more competitive than you might imagine.

And, with laboratories located close to international airports in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Goa, Hamburg, Heathrow and Manchester, samples can be shipped to us from anywhere in the world.

Each laboratory offers a comprehensive range of sensory odour analysis services, including:

  • accredited odour concentration analysis (ouE/m3) according to the European olfactometry standard EN 13725
  • hedonic tone and odour intensity according to VDI 3882 (the international standard for determination of odour intensity and hedonic tone) and NVN 2818 (the Dutch standard for sensory determination of the hedonic tone of an odour using an olfactometer)
  • odour type descriptions
  • odour threshold determination of pure substances and odour mixtures
  • certification of the sensory acuity of human assessors and regulatory personnel according to EN 13725.

Need to know more?

We are always pleased to develop bespoke testing procedures on request. If your exact odour analysis requirements are not covered by the list above, please get in touch with your local Odournet office:

Branch officePhoneMailLab manager // Contact person
Odournet Spain+34 93 592 90 48es@odournet.comGeurau Arisa
Odournet France+33 2 99 50 17 95odournet.france@odournet.comMarie Amélie Presset
Odournet India+91 832 6521075 – 82in@odournet.comRajal Shinkre
Odournet Brazil+55 11 3040-3062br@odournet.comYanko Guimaraes


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