Odour management in development planning

Brownfield sites are often considered for housing developments. But the nature of this land means it may well be affected by odour issues – either because of its previous use or due to industrial or waste management facilities nearby. This doesn’t have to mean the end of a potential development, however – as Odournet can work with developers to find solutions.

Working with developers to find solutions to odour issues in planning
Working with developers to find solutions to odour issues in planning

How can we help?

Odournet can provide the data that’s needed to assess and manage odours as part of the planning process. If odour management can be included in the financial planning of a development, we can make sure it’s carried out efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our recent involvement in the development planning for a harbour site is a good example. A very high level of odour management was needed, and the cost of implementing this across the variety of industries present at the site was included in the cost of the site preparation. Odournet provided the necessary quantitative data and odour impact simulations, which underpinned the odour control investments. By including odour management issues at the early stages of planning, the economic aspects of air quality could be managed and the environmental quality of life of the future residents was secured.

Need to know more?

We’re all aware that noise and odour impacts have a significant influence on property values. Developers must also be aware, of course, that it is their duty of care to ensure that the environmental quality of a housing development makes it suitable for residential use.

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