Tobacco processing emissions

Odour is an inevitable by-product of tobacco manufacture. The processing of tobacco leaf involves humidification, followed by roasting and drying, and so requires large volumes of air. And, because the tobacco is propelled pneumatically, the process also involves the release of significant quantities of odorous vapours.

Tobacco processing plants release large amounts of odorous vapours
Tobacco processing plants release large amounts of odorous vapours

How can we help?

Over the years, Odournet has conducted various odour studies in tobacco leaf processing plants.  Our experience and specialist skills have helped to:

  • identify potential sources of odour emissions
  • model and assess their likely impact
  • identify the best possible odour mitigation solutions, drawing on a wide range of odour control techniques.

All of these services – and many more – are available to support your tobacco manufacturing activities, whatever your particular odour issue or specific requirements.

Need to know more?

Odournet has carried out many ground-breaking studies in collaboration with Coresta, the platform for cooperative research in the tobacco industry. We like to lead the way, so get in touch with your local Odournet office today if you’d like to know where our odour studies could take you.

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