Expert witnesses on odour impacts and environmental licensing

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Looking for professional support in legal proceedings? If your case calls for expert opinion, you can rely on Odournet for the information and judgement you’ll need. Skilled in gathering and preparing evidence, reviewing third-party expert reports, and advising clients and their legal representatives on a wide range of matters, our expert witness will help ensure that legal proceedings go smoothly.

How can we help?

Our technical specialists have experience in all elements of odour monitoring and odour assessment for cases involving:

  • environmental licensing
  • planning
  • allegations of environmental nuisance
  • professional negligence
  • contractual dispute
  • mediation and arbitration
  • class actions and compensation claims.

With proven capabilities in the following areas, an Odournet expert witness can make sure the information you need is at your fingertips:

  • collection and preparation of evidence
  • critical review of third-party expert reports
  • advising legal representatives on the strength or weakness of an opponent’s case and the best way of cross-examining witnesses to expose any weak arguments
  • advising clients on the negotiation of conditions and agreements
  • evaluation of odour abatement strategies against national, European and international best practices.

Need to know more?

With a national and international reputation in the field of environmental odour, Odournet provides a wide range of bespoke services. As well as expert witnesses, we offer the services of expert meteorologists, emission measurement consultants, and many other specialist staff. Contact your local Odournet office to find out more.

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