Odour surveys

The first step to solving odour problems is robust diagnosis

Odour surveys take many forms and are generally applied to inform planning applications, licence/permit applications or investigate odour complaints. The objectives of odour survey’s varies but generally focus on benchmarking a current situation prior to a planned change (e.g. construction of a new facility or expansion of an existing one), or collecting data to help investigate an existing problem.

The type of survey required is very dependent upon the objective and can vary widely. In some cases, a simple ‘sniff testing’ approach is sufficient although it is important such assessments are conducted in a repeatable and objective manner. For more complex problems, more sophisticated surveys techniques such as olfactometry analysis, molecular characterisation, plume tracking and dispersion modelling may be required. An effective odour survey will often use a range of techniques based on source characteristics and the study objectives.

How can we help?

Odournet have conducted 1000’s of odour surveys and are experts in the design and implementation of surveys for any purpose. Each survey is designed specifically for your requirements using the best available techniques appropriate to your budget.

Our services include:

  • ‘sniff testing’ surveys using trained personnel
  • method witnessing of third party sniffing panels and assessment of sensory acuity within our laboratories
  • field assessments of odour emissions in accordance with EN 264086 parts 1 and 2
  • odour emission measurement studies according to the European Standard for olfactometry EN 13725,
  • molecular odour analysis using gas chromatography (GCMS/TOF)
  • advanced dispersion modelling
  • incident and complaints analysis
  • continuous real time odour monitoring and dispersion tools

Need to know more?

All our services are delivered through our national offices by experienced consultants, who will design surveys in accordance with local guidance and regulatory requirements.

Please contact your local Odournet office for more information.

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