The Odournet group

Odournet is an international group of sensory experts and environmental odour management consultants that develops, manages and delivers top level expertise to assist industry and government authorities. Odournet helps its clients to:

  • diagnose and solve environmental odour nuisance related problems,
  • improve sensory attributes of their consumer products and materials, supporting product development, consumer trials and claim substantiation by applying sensory expertise.
  • Unravel and understand the molecular origin and composition of the sensory aroma.

With branches in six countries, teams of specialists focusing on key areas of interest, and mobile labs ensuring that all skills are available globally, Odournet’s structure matches the often multinational reach of its clients, offering unified sensory methodology across a large global network.

Odournet is an independent group of limited liability companies, owned and organised by Sensenet Holding BV. Our branch directors have considerable autonomy, and are typically also the principal consultants in their area. All branch companies deliver the full scope of Odournet services and are recognised as odour experts in their own right.

We have created ‘centres of competence’ to focus on service delivery and knowledge management in certain key areas of work, such as Product and Material Testing, Molecular Odour Evaluation and Environmental Odour Management.

Our board of directors is central to Odournet’s direction and success, focusing primarily on strategic management and business development. The board supports the corporate governance of branch offices though portfolio’s for human resources, finance and risk, marketing and sales, innovation, and quality management.

Odournet is a lean organisation where it’s professionals have considerable autonomy, in a shared framework of knowledge management, innovation and business development.

Odournet Holding shares are held by private shareholders, who are typically directly professionally involved in the company. Financial results are provided only as required by law.