Do you need objective odour assessment data? Odournet is in a unique position to provide independent results as a privately funded company with advanced accredited laboratories. We continue to push the boundaries of odour assessment and redefine what the field believes to be possible.

We have state-of-the-art Sensory Odour and Molecular Testing Laboratories in our facilities where our research teams use leading-edge technologies to provide our customers with the solutions they need.

Odournet Laboratories produce the quantitative and qualitative data that are helpful to answer your odour related questions.

We can provide a series of services as an integrated package or as a stand-alone service, including the following processes:

Sensory odour testing:

  • EN13725 olfactometry source testing
  • EN13725 Odour threshold of compounds
  • VDI3882 odour intensity
  • VDI3882 hedonic tone (pleasantness)
  • Intensity and descriptors using Pure Sniff
  • EN13725 Olfactory acuity of panel members, to qualify panels
  • EN16841 ambient air odour frequency
  • EN16841 Plume extent


Sensory testing is available at all Odournet locations. Our EN13725 olfactometry services in the EU are all accredited according to ISO17025. Contact one of our Odournet branch companies to plan sensory measurements.

Molecular odour testing:

  • GCMS-TOF VOC’s and odour relevant compounds unravelled to ppt levels
  • GC-sniffing pinpoints odour relevant compounds
  • GC-IMS for fast odour fingerprinting

The Molecular Odour Testing Laboratory is located in Barcelona, Spain, and provides its specialised services globally. Typically samples are collected on Tenax adsorption tubes by our branch companies or by our clients directly.

We can provide instruction and equipment for sample preparation. Contact your closest Odournet branch office or talk directly to our Molecular Odour Evaluation laboratory.