Consumer studies

A little less conversation

We all want to please our consumers. So what could be better than asking them (a) exactly what they want, (b) whether our product or service delivers it and (c) if it doesn’t, how we can improve it? They should know, after all – they’re the ones using it.

Our customised studies can help you get to know your consumers
Our customised studies can help you get to know your consumers

But while this is all useful information to gather, it has its limitations. Firstly, consumers think like consumers, and not like product developers. Secondly, no amount of conversation with consumers can replace the need for observing them in real-life situations. Likewise, even the most sophisticated odour analysis is no substitute for consumer studies in everyday conditions.

So if you want to find out whether your product shows the expected performance from the consumer’s point of view, simply observe a panel group as they use it. Depending on the product and test design, panel groups can be run in:

  • domestic settings
  • studio design
  • hospitals and nursing homes
  • schools and universities
  • gyms
  • hotels.

How can we help?

If you’d like to know how your consumers really respond to your product’s odour characteristics, our consumer studies can help. Not sure how your panel group should be composed? We can offer advice on that too. With plenty of experience in setting up sociodemographic panels, we can organise them to meet specific criteria in terms of factors such as:

  • age
  • gender
  • culture
  • smokers/non-smokers
  • vegetarians/non-vegetarians
  • urban/rural.

Need to know more?

Consumer studies are an essential cornerstone of product development. So don’t expect your consumers to think like product developers. Contact us to discuss how we can customise a study to meet your needs and get the feedback you want.

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