Gestión ambiental de olores

Las instalaciones susceptibles de provocar molestias por olores ambientales están sujetas cada vez más a controlar el impacto generado en su entorno residencial.

Odournet posee un historial probado, con más de 30 años de experiencia, en asistencia a la industria para dar respuesta a este desafío.

Working with Odournet was a great experience in several aspects: Because the consultant Ton van Harreveld has extensive expertise in the subject of control and measurement of odours, the odour problems generated in the box culvert (in the Muña reservoir) and central Hydroelectric Paradise belonging to Emgesa, due to high concentrations of H2S released into the atmosphere affecting the nearby community were clearly detected. As a result some solutions and recommendations were proposed: implementation of technologies (bio trickling scrubbers, iron oxide /iron wool/Iron Sponge pre-treatment, etc), improve the measurements, data collection, modeling and working with the community. Furthermore, the experience that Ton has in working with the community was a plus for the proposal to the solutions for Emgesa, because it was an aspect that had neglected and a good relation with the community can generate positive results. Finally, we believe strongly that the choice of Odournet was the best option to solve the problem due to the commitment, expertise and professionalism of its consultants; hopefully in the near future we can get back to work with you.

- Manuel de la Torre, Departamento de Ingeniería Civil y Ambiental, Universidad Los Andes