Scent sampler – for simpler, standardised surface sampling

It’s always been tricky to take standardised samples directly from the skin and other surfaces. This is a particular issue in the field of cosmetic testing, where the data may be needed for anything from quality control to identifying off-odours.

Luckily, Odournet’s innovative scent sampler is a breath of fresh air for anyone faced with this problem. It can take samples directly from the skin or other surfaces(such as fragrance strips), enabling standardised sampling through:

  • temperature control
  • humidity control
  • air flow control.

Scent Sampler

Once you’ve got your sample, you can analyse it using sensory or molecular testing techniques.

Whatever your requirements, we think you’ll be impressed – as the scent sampler’s results have a wide range of applications, including:

  • longevity testing
  • off-odour identification
  • benchmark comparison
  • dynamic monitoring
  • quality control.

Download the Scent Sampler Brochure