PRA Odournet bv changes name to Odournet NL B.V.

In 1989 Odournet started in Amsterdam as Project Research Amsterdam (PRA). In 1993, as the company became international with the establishment of Odournet UK, the name was changed to PRA Odournet.

Now, in 2015, Odournet is active globally with several branch offices worldwide. To align the Dutch company within the Odournet group, it was time for the next step:

PRA Odournet is renamed Odournet NL B.V.

Odournet Mao


The Odournet group now consists of the following teams:

  • Odournet Brasil Ltda

  • Odournet France

  • Odournet GmbH

  • Odournet Holding India Pvt Ltd

  • Odournet México SA de CV

  • Odournet NL B.V.

  • Odournet SL

  • Odournet UK Ltd