Working groups with Odournet involvement

As well as being instrumental in the standardisation of olfactometry, and chairing the technical working group that established the EN 13725 standard, Odournet members were key players in all other relevant odour working and standardisation groups since 1993. These contributions are illustrated in the following table:

Working Groups with Odournet involvement

TimeWorking GroupDescriptionOdournet Expert Involved
1993 - 1995NVN 2820Air Quality – Sensory odour measurement using an olfactometer (Netherlands Normalisation Institute) Ton van Harreveld
1995 - 2003
2012 - now
CEN/TC264/WG2 'Olfactometry‚ EN13725 Air Quality – Determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometryTon van Harreveld (convenor)
Nick Jones (member)
since 2006 CEN/TC 264/WG 27 EN 16841-1 (draft) will describe a grid method which uses direct assessment of ambient air by panel members to characterize odour exposure in a defined assessment area

EN 16841-2 (draft) will describe a plume method for determining the extent of the downwind odour plume of a source
Ton van Harreveld
n/a NF X-43-103 Evolution of field inspection french method, intensity method Pascale Corroyer
n/a AFNOR comittee on EN-13725 French group discussion about EN 13725 revisionPascale Corroyer
since 2015CEN/TC264/WG 41Electronic sensors for odorant monitoringTon van Harreveld (convenor)

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