We measure odour compounds in the sub-ppt range

Compared with conventional quadrupole systems (instruments that only detect only a narrow range of masses), time of flight (TOF) offers full-spectral sensitivity – and, therefore, outstanding analysis results.

Our GCMS/TOF laboratory is one of only a few to use pioneering, state-of-the-art analytical equipment to detect and quantify chemical compounds at very low concentrations in the sub-ppt (parts per trillion) range.

Odournet's Center of Competence for Molecular Odour Evaluation
Odournet’s Center of Competence for Molecular Odour Evaluation

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Our chemical analysis services are delivered in-house by a team of experienced gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) specialists at our Center of Competence for Molecular Odour Evaluation in Barcelona. This ensures excellence in both measurement and results interpretation, using our pioneering, state-of-the-art analytical equipment:

  • Our Agilent 7890A Gas Chromatograph is the industry leader in GC-MS technology today. Crucially, it has innovative separation capabilities, high-performance productivity features and real-time self-monitoring instrument intelligence, improving the quality of analysis while saving time and money.
  • The GC platform is accompanied by the ground-breaking Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer BenchTOF-dx (Almsco), which allows for high-definition, detailed analysis of compounds in complex, highly contaminated samples. No other bench-top mass spectrometer can rival the full-spectral sensitivity and the excellent chromatographic repeatability of the BenchTOF-dx, which delivers outstanding analysis results.
  • Our next generation Thermal Desorption platform Unity2 (Markes International) allows for sample re-collection, overcoming the one-shot limitation of conventional TD systems and simplifying method/data validation.

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