GC-IMS – why you should choose Odournet

The right choice for GC-IMS testing

There are several reasons why we think Odournet is the right choice for gas chromatography coupled with ion-mobility spectrometry (GC-IMS) testing:

We can help you benefit from the best possible quality in GC-IMS
We can help you benefit from the best possible quality in GC-IMS
  1. Odournet will keep you up-to-date with information about sampling, methodologies and results. We like to talk things through with our clients – to agree methodologies, for example. And the information you’ll receive in our reports is always meaningful and comprehensible.
  2. We’ll also help you keep costs down. GC-IMS testing gives you a unique opportunity to achieve rapid, accurate and modestly priced testing, with the potential for in-depth testing later on if you wish. (Please note, however, that it is not a substitute for sensory analysis or high-resolution molecular analysis.)
    Based on quick and inexpensive methodology, GC-IMS testing is suitable for a number of pre-tests, which can be the basis for:

    • sensory testing (e.g. to determine the right time for sampling, or the right test gas)
    • a more detailed and focused molecular analysis such as gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS/TOF) or GC-Sniffing.
  3. We’ll make sure you get the best possible analysis quality.
    • The combination of GC-IMS and further sensory or molecular analysis, such as GCMS/TOF or GC-Sniffing, ensures optimum results.
    • Analyses are carried out by PhD scientists who specialise in odour/aroma and sensory matters, so you can be sure that our GC-IMS testing is consistently robust and accurate.
    • Odournet is positioning itself as a worldwide leader in GC-IMS analysis. We are convinced that GC-IMS has the potential to develop into a technology with various areas of application in the field of product and material testing.
  4. You can benefit from our expertise and the valuable support provided by the whole Odournet group, which draws on more than 30 years’ experience in odour issues.

Need to know more?

If you’d like to know more about GC-IMS testing at Odournet, please email Hansruedi Gygax, our flavour and fragrance science expert.

After the recent establishment of a sales partnership with the GC-IMS specialist G.A.S., Odournet also distributes the complete range of G.A.S. instruments, which are known for their extremely sensitive (lower ppbv range), fast acquisition of analytical results (within a few seconds) and economical pricing.

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