GC-IMS – quick and uncomplicated molecular analysis

Keeping it simple

You won’t always want to jump in at the deep end with detailed molecular analysis straight away. You might prefer to ‘start simple’ with rapid, less complex methodology. GC-IMS offers exactly this, which makes it a great starting point – especially if you’re not sure what level of analysis you want, or are simply looking to save costs.

GC-IMS is a very fast method of analysis, detecting various substances within a couple of minutes © G.A.S. Dortmund
GC-IMS is a very fast method of analysis, detecting various substances within a couple of minutes © G.A.S. Dortmund

Gas chromatography coupled with ion-mobility spectrometry (GC-IMS) combines the high selectivity of chromatographic separation with the extraordinary sensitivity of an ion-mobility spectrometer. It’s a very accurate and sensitive method of quantitative analysis, with a detection limit of molecules in the lower ppb or µg/L range.

It’s also very fast. Substances including ketones, aldehydes, alcohols, amines and phosphor organics, as well as halogenated compounds, can all be detected within a couple of minutes.

How can we help?

Our GC-IMS methodology has been optimised to offer clients the highest levels of sensitivity, precision and robustness.

Odournet’s GC-IMS testing allows you to:

  • create ‘fingerprints’ of your reference materials to compare them with different samples (e.g. for benchmark comparison or indoor analytics) or for quality assurance
  • analyse the evolution of concentration and changing composition over time (e.g. to assess the release of aromas when applied to human skin)
  • measure the odour performance over time (e.g. to assess longevity or storage effects)
  • carry out pre-tests to:
    • test the function of a product (e.g. odour reduction) before carrying out a sensory test
    • find the right test gas for sensory testing
    • optimise sample preparation
    • find the right time for sampling for molecular analysis (GCMS/TOF and GC-Sniffing) or sensory analysis, by testing over a specific time period
    • determine odour-relevant components for a target scan using GCMS/TOF or GC-Sniffing.

Need to know more?

GC-IMS testing gives you a unique opportunity to achieve rapid, accurate and modestly priced testing, with the potential for in-depth testing later on if you wish.

If you have any questions about GC-IMS testing, please email Hansruedi Gygax, our flavour and fragrance science expert.

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