Product testing of incontinence products

The assessment of odours – and, in particular, human urine odour – is an integral part of the research and development for incontinence products and diapers.

Our methodology aims to create realistic test conditions
Our methodology aims to create realistic test conditions

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Odournet’s methodology for the odour testing of incontinence products has been developed so as to create test conditions that mimic a real-life situation as closely as possible. Depending on the product (Light Inco, Diaper, etc), a certain amount of human urine or appropriate reference substance is applied to the product at frequent intervals to simulate urination.

Based on the odour methodology guidelines VDI 3882, odour testers evaluate the odour intensity and hedonic tone (how pleasant, unpleasant of offensive it is) frequently. The results of this sensory analysis are used to demonstrate the performance of the product over time with increasing urine volume.

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All odour experts are screened, selected and trained according to EN 13725, as well as receiving training in odour parameters such as odour intensity and hedonic tone. We also offer the possibility of testing incontinence products in hospitals and nursing homes.

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