State-of-the-art testing, from the consumer’s perspective

From carpets to cleaning products, consumer goods are rigorously tested before they’re declared fit for our homes. And once there, how do they perform? Certain products may emit odours – if so, are these unpleasant? Other products are specifically designed to reduce odours in the home – but how efficient are they?

We test the odour performance of many everyday household products
We test the odour performance of many everyday household products

How can we help?

Odournet’s state-of-the-art odour testing facilities allow us to find the answers to these questions – from the consumer’s perspective. We have two broad categories of odour testing for consumer goods:

  1. Assessing whether odour emissions are likely to cause disturbance or annoyance
  2. Assessing the ability of a particular product to reduce odours in the consumer’s everyday environment.

Our tests can focus on a high degree of standardisation within a laboratory environment, or concentrate more closely on the consumer perspective. We are highly skilled in the development of individual samples and sampling strategies that are tailor-made for the product or material being tested. Examples of the products we have tested include:

  • odour-reducing bin bags
  • carpets (assessing their odour emission performance)
  • carpet cleaning substances designed to tackle pet urine
  • dustbins with activated carbon caps
  • vacuum cleaners (performance of both device and bag).

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