Odour reduction efficiency tests

There are so many odour-reducing purifiers, filters and adsorbers now available – but which works best? Odournet can help you answer that question, thanks to its expertise in odour sampling strategies.

We offer scientific measurements of odour reduction efficiencies
We offer scientific measurements of odour reduction efficiencies

How can we help?

We will assess your test requirements and devise a suitable sampling strategy. We’ll then measure the odour concentration of untreated and treated airstreams according to EN 13725, and calculate the odour reduction rate of any given filter, purifier or adsorber.

We can offer:

  • expert knowledge in the field of simulating specific odour sources to represent real-life scenarios
  • identification of the best odour sampling strategies
  • optimised odour sampling and test design equipment.

Need to know more?

Odour reduction efficiency tests can be used by manufacturers to demonstrate a product’s effectiveness and indicate whether performance will meet consumer expectations. Contact us for more details and to talk through your requirements.

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