Tobacco product testing

Odournet offers sensory and molecular analysis for the tobacco industry, helping you to evaluate the characteristics of a particular product, as well as the factors that affect consumer choice.

We can help you evaluate the factors that affect consumer choice
We can help you evaluate the factors that affect consumer choice

How can we help?

Our expert panellists will assess the sensory and molecular properties of your tobacco products, in our own modern laboratories. And because we use defined methods and statistically verified analysis, our results are both valid and reproducible.

Our range of services includes:

  • identification of differences between products, their components and the benchmark
  • support in optimising and developing product characteristics
  • filter efficiency measurement
  • shelf-life tests
  • support in optimising the product in terms of flavour release
  • quality assurance.

So whether you’re looking to develop new products, quality-assure existing ones or benchmark your competitors’ products, Odournet’s sensory testing will give you valuable data with a range of applications.

Need to know more?

The molecular analysis can be carried out using gas chromatography with ion-mobility spectrometry (GC-IMS), gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and GC-Sniffing. We can develop your own individual test design, in accordance with your testing objective. Please contact us to find out more about sensory testing of tobacco products – we’ll be happy to answer any questions and talk through your particular requirements.

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