Data collection

How well do you know your consumer?

Even if you can’t be on first-name-terms with them all, the more you can find out about your consumers, the more successful your product innovation and development can be. Whatever you want to know about their tastes, habits and preferences, you need to engage with them to access that knowledge. What do you need to do this? It’s simple: raw data.

Raw data is the key to engaging with your consumers
Raw data is the key to engaging with your consumers

How can we help?

Odournet uses a range of methods to bring you closer to your consumer and help you optimise the odour characteristics of your product or material. From group discussions to in-use tests, each data collection method offers certain advantages:

  • In-use tests deliver ‘real-life’ results, which are a valuable addition to analysis in controlled conditions.
  • Personal and non-personal multimedia surveys allow us to collect and statistically analyse data from a range of interview settings and techniques (e.g. oral, written and telephone).
  • Group discussions (mediative and provocative) offer a more open-ended approach to qualitative data gathering.
  • Open innovation procedures (ideas management) bring together interdisciplinary minds to create a diverse, innovative environment.
  • Online panels are an efficient way to reach a wide choice of participants.

Need to know more?

Whatever your business and odour analysis needs, and whoever your consumers, you can benefit from Odournet’s experience in communication and statistical evaluation. Plus, you can keep yourself updated on the progress of your project in our cloud.

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