Why Odournet is the best Lab for you!

As a recognised world leader in odour and air quality consultancy, Odournet has many qualities and services to offer. 

One service which is increasingly popular with various clients is laboratory only services, which does not involve sampling and consultancy expertise if it is not needed. Odournet have two high performing odour laboratories in the UK in Bristol and Manchester, both with UKAS accreditation using the latest olfactometer in the industry, the TO Evolution. 
Both laboratories have performed extremely well in proficiency testing and have been commended for speed in turnaround time and quality of the laboratory services. In addition to the following laboratory services, Odournet will provide equipment hire/purchase and training for clients to collect their own odour samples.

What we can test in our odour laboratories:
  • Odour concentration – Determination of odour concentration in odour units by Olfactometry (EN13725).
  • Hedonic Tone – Determination of the unpleasantness of an odour (NVN2820).
  • Odour Character – Assessment of what odour smells like e.g. coffee, sewage.
  • Odour Threshold – Determination of the odour threshold of an odorous compound i.e. the concentration at which it is detectable.
  • Acuity Assessments – Assessment of the sensory acuity (sense of smell) of an individual involved in odour monitoring.
  • Molecular and pollutant analysis:
    • GC-MS TOF –  Time of Flight Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectroscopy 
      • Characterisation of odour and air samples in terms of chemical composition.
    • GC-O – Gass Chromatography – Olfactometry
      • Identification of compounds responsible for a specific odour character or malodour
    • Total VOC 
      • Analysis of volatile organic compound concentration of components with and without methane.
    • Pollutant specific analysis
      • Analysis of a wide range of common pollutants using compound specific analysers or low cost indicative testing.
For more details on the above information and to view our wider services please see our capability statement here.