Testing the performance of non sewered sanitation systems

Odournet  have been testing the performance of non sewered sanitation systems, as far as the capacity to control malodours is concerned.

A brand new ISO standard has been developed for testing such sanitation systems, and was published in October 2018:

ISO 30500:2018 Non-sewered sanitation systems — Prefabricated integrated treatment units — General safety and performance requirements for design and testing.

Odournet is very pleased to have early experience of the test protocol, which is based on the EN13725 Olfactometry standard, but stipulates slightly different panel checks, using hydrogen sulphide.

Globally there is great interest in developing non sewered sanitation technologies as an agile approach to improving the sanitation for the many people who are in urgent need of safe sanitary conditions.

We are proud to contribute to that ultimate goal, and pleased to see that proper malodour control is considered part and parcel of sanitation performance.