Sensenet by Odournet starts website for high quality Odour Threshold values

Have you ever looked for an odour threshold value (OTV) and found values all over the place? Or no value at all? Many fragrance and flavour professionals will recognise the frustration. How can you make sense of sensory without reliable OTV’s?

Sensenet by Odournet created the Amazon of Smell, providing an easy online solution, the OTV Webshop on The good thing is that many values in the shop are free of charge. They are also classified in quality levels. Measured according to the EN13725 standard, and hence traceable to the European Reference Odour Mass of 0,123 µg n-butanol n is the highest quality level: AAA.

We aim to grow the collection of AAA quality OTV’s. If you need a high-quality OTV value for a compound it is now available for 500€ (ex VAT). Sensenet will measure the value within 6 weeks, in one of its ISO17025 accredited EN13725 compliant laboratories. The reference compound will also be tested for molecular purity with high-resolution GCMS/TOF and H&S risk assessment is included.

At this reduced price the OTV is for your specific use, but not for publication. The OTV shop owns the value and will sell it in due course to 6 further users. Then the OTV will be made public, for free.

If you need an OTV exclusively for your own use, and quick, the cost of measurement is 3500€ (ex VAT). If you feel magnanimous you can decide to sponsor the value and make it publicly available, with or without your logo as a sponsor


Sensenet aims to increase the high quality content by lowering the value to measure traceable OTV’s. This will help the olfactory community to derive numerical approaches to understanding odours, using the odour activity index approach. Or to look for alternative ingredients

You are very welcome to explore Sensenet’s new Odour Threshold Online Shop.  The OTV Shop website has been designed to offer the ultimate user-friendly experience to quickly and easily navigate the site and find the odour threshold value for a compound by searching the CAS number or by compound name. Key features are:

  • instant access to a downloadable PDF file with the best quality available for compounds.
  • easy search database by using CAS numbers or compound name.
  • an extensive and growing database of compounds available for free after registration as a downloadable PDF file from your personal account.
  • possibility to request High-quality OTV analysis for available compounds or new ones at low price or to use the more costly exclusive fast request for private use.
  • possibility to be a sponsor/provider of an OTV value for a compound.
  • fast online payment by secure Credit Card service or Wire Transfer available for all requests.

Visit for all your odour threshold values!