Odournet Brasil receives the IMEC Environmental Engineering Award

Odournet Brasil receives the IMEC Environmental Engineering Award, Odournet Brasil was featured in the category, Environmental Engineering / Sanitation / -Equip. / Mat. / Services- Odour analysis/ Environmental / Sensory / Products.

The honorees were chosen through a poll held in March this year that sought to know the opinions of the engineers and managers of the companies affiliated to IMEC.

The criteria for choosing the companies were: quality and technology of products, goods or services; cost-benefit of the services and technical expertise, in addition to the strength of the company’s brand.

The Mineiro Institute of Civil Engineering (IMEC), which brings together approximately 8,000 members, awarded with the support of the State of Minas Gerais Engineering Council (Crea-MG), companies featured in the “17th Prize Highlights of Civil Engineering 2019”.

The award distinguishes companies from civil construction, engineering services, retailers and general services.