Odournet and GESCOM sign agreement on graphic odour representation for trademark protection

Odournet has reached a contractual agreement with GESCOM (Gestión Estratégica de Comunicación, S.L.) on exclusive collaboration on graphic representation of odours aimed at establishing potential odour trademarks and on odour comparison aimed at determining the existence of risk of confusion between two odours.

GESCOM is a consultancy specializing in trademark protection in the field of Industrial and Intellectual Property, especially where visual communication is concerned, and aims at expanding this to the field of odour trademarks.

Until now there is no procedure recognized by the official patent and trademark organizations in Europe (OHIM) or the US (USPTO) that allows an odour to be graphically represented in a full and unequivocal manner, so that it can be registered as a trademark. Odournet has now proposed a method to do just that, opening up the opportunity to accepted registration of odour trademarks.

To be able to register an odour trademark, the graphic representation of odour is a prerequisite.

Therefore, this collaboration project aims at developing a methodological process that allows one to characterize the individual and characteristic scent of a product, obtaining a clear, precise, objective and lasting graphic representation of it.

This characterization method would likewise allow to determine if two odours are and/or can be perceived as similar, and could hence be used to identify unfair competition cases.


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