Odournet will participate in NOSE 2016


Did you know that the concept of monitoring, comparison and sensory analysis of odours can be applied to so different sources as the wastewater treatment plants, fragrances and even feet?

Odournet will show its latest studies based on its cutting edge technology and extensive experience during the NOSE2016 conference to be held in Ischia, Italy during 28-30 September.

NOSE is organized by AIDIC, The Italian Association of Chemical Engineering, where several experts in odour assessment and control are meeting to exchange experiences and ideas, as well as discuss the main innovations related to odours.

Odournet, represented by Ton van Harreveld, Board Member of Odournet Group, and the specialist Carmen Villatoro, will share with the attendees three interesting studies:

  • Real Time Monitoring of VOC and Odours Based on GC-IMS at Wastewater Treatment Plants.
  • Comparative study of odours present in twin fragrances by GC-sniffing-ToFMS.
  • Sensory analysis of the foot deodorisation efficiency of a commercial product.

Additionally, Ton van Harreveld will present an interesting overview titled “Electronic sensors for odorant monitoring: what’s up and what’s going on in CEN?”


Ton Van Harreveld, ton@odournet.com

Carmen Villatoro, cvillatoro@odournet.com