Job opening: Technical Analyst at Odournet India

Job aim

Operating the odour/sensory laboratory, including sample logistics, panel organisation, planning of analytical programme and maintenance tasks. Carry out planning tasks under the guidance of the concerned Center of Competence (CoC).

Organisational Level 

Staff member, working directly under the responsibility of the Director.

Job description

Operating the laboratory equipment, follow analytical standards and methodologies, handling samples, handling and preparing food samples for panellists’ evaluation, recruiting and managing panellists, organising panel schedules, overseeing panel behaviour, assuring quality control of sample bags, assuring order and cleanliness in the laboratory, preparing proposals/quotes and planning the analytical schedule (under the guidance of the CoC). Also performing tasks: archiving data, processing data and reporting results to the concerned CoC. Travelling for client meetings and sampling activities whenever required and any other related tasks.

Training and skills

Must have a Bachelor of Science degree followed by technical training, with experience of working as a lab operator in a food sensory lab, including basic knowledge of statistics, basic electronics, a good computer literacy and strong IT skills. Must have experience in analytical activity and experience or knowledge about the essential elements of QA/QC systems to enable working within the framework of such a system. Must also have good communication skills (written and verbal), proficiency in the English language and knowledge of local languages, especially, Hindi and Marathi/Konkani, willingness to learn new skills and adapt in new surroundings, and of course loyalty to the organization.

The appointee will be required to undergo:

  1. Practical training in carrying out olfactometry measurements using standard lab equipment
  2. Practical training in handling gas cylinders and reducers
  3. Practical training in operating standard lab facilities and equipment (compressed air supply, air conditioning, etc.)
  4. Practical training in QA/QC of sample bags.


Is responsible for practically carrying out/performing the odour/sensory analyses, following the procedures as described in the relevant manuals. Also maintains a laboratory diary and sees to it that all documents concerning procedures, manuals etc. are in their designated place. Prepares draft certificates reporting results.


Is authorised to perform all tasks and actions that are required to carry out the olfactometric analysis, as indicated in the relevant manuals.


Reports to the Director. Has a lab meeting at least once a month. Brings all matters that are relevant to the operational continuity, such as (suspected) irregularities of instrumentation, software, operational problems with clients etc., to the attention of the Director and/or CoC. For planning purposes a joint planning indicating available and reserved capacity, is maintained.


The CoCs, Director, the panel members and the clients.

If you are interested in this position, please apply via Linkedin.