IFST’s sensory science group conference 2017

IFST's sensory science group conference 2017

Odournet is proud to announce that we will be attending the IFST’s sensory science group conference 2017 in Nottingham on the 22th of May.

Our experts, Andrew Meacham and Abdallah Belhares will take you through the Odournet world to illustrate you how an off note could be identified by mixing sensory science and analytical chemistry.

Consumers pay more and more attention to odours and the presence of malodours can be perceived as an indicator of compromised quality, hygiene or even as a significant health threat!

In this workshop, we will discuss some techniques that can be used to identify and characterize off notes by combining both sensory and analytical measurements. We will tell you the story of a malodour from the perception of an issue, to the identification of odorants responsible by using sensory discriminative testing and olfactometry.



Andrew Meachamameacham@odournet.com, Expert for innovative test designs and monitoring technology

Abdallah Belhares, abelhares@odournet.com, Sensory Consultant