Deodorant and ant-perspirant efficacy testing facilities at Odournet India

Drawing upon the many years of experience in odour analysis and deodorant efficacy testing, Odournet announces the setting up of testing facilities in Odournet India at Goa.

The first validation study for a well-known international cosmetics company was recently concluded at the facilities of Odournet India in Goa. Ms Rita Domingues, Head, Centre of Competence – Product and Material Testing of the Odournet Group was present in Goa to oversee the implementation of the first study by the Odournet India team.
With its new testing facilities, Odournet India joins the Odournet branches in Spain and France allowing intercultural sensory testing for deodorant efficacy. The newly established facilities have wash cabins to allow controlled product application with screened and trained sniffing panel for odour evaluation. More than 150 volunteers are available to provide their underarm as a test field.

With extensive expertise in the field of deodorant efficacy testing – including foot deodorant and foot spray testing – and advanced data collection tools, Odournet makes it easy to get the data the client needs. We can undertake studies in line with internationally accepted designs or develop bespoke studies that are optimised to meet specific requirements of the client, using internationally accepted methods such as ASTM E-1207 (Standard Guide for Sensory Evaluation of Axillary Deodorancy).

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