Thanks to all participants for making Cleaning Products 2017 Conference a success!

Cleaning Products conference

Our centres of competencies for Products and Materials (P&M) and Molecular Odour Evaluation (MOE) represented by Mrs Rita Domingues and Mr Luciano Vera participated in the Cleaning Products conference held in Barcelona (Spain) during 14-16 March 2017.

The Cleaning Products conference brought together more than 150 delegates come from a diverse range of industry experts and thought leaders from across this market to discuss the latest regulations and new advances in technology in cleaning products.

In this event, Rita Domingues shared with the attendees a presentation titled “A multifactorial chemical/sensory approach for the odour characterization of home care products” where surprising aspects of the human nose were reviewed focusing on the complexity of the olfactory mechanism and the difficulty of performing sensory assessments in different products and materials. The presentation finalised with a case study about the odour reduction efficiency of laundry detergents based on sensory and molecular assessments.