CEN standard group WG2 on dynamic olfactometry meets in Trieste

On 21 and 22 February the CEN/TC264/WG2 working group met for its 14th meeting on a mission to review the 2003 standard EN13725, convened by Odournet founder Ton van Harreveld.

Around 20 experts that make up WG2 made good progress in a dense meeting where the final text for the largest part of the document was approved.

The revised standard contains significant new content. On matters like how to determine EROM reference values for compounds traceable to n-butanol. On Health and Safety for panel members, sampling staff and lab operators. On a more inclusive method to assess uncertainty, including the contribution of different panel compositions. Some issues remain such as the approach to sampling the odour emission from liquid and solid surface sources.

These remaining issues will be progressed by e-mail. The convenor’s intention is to finish the draft document in 2018 and move on to enquiry.

Thanks to our secretariat, in the hands of Ted den Heijer and Machiel van Dalen, for keeping track in a dense meeting!