BAT for the waste treatment sector, Best Available Techniques for Odour Control

In August 2018 a Commission Implementing Decision was issued by the EU which establishes BAT for the waste treatment sector, including a range of measures relating to odour monitoring and control. Waste treatment facilities will be required to amend their operating procedures in due course to comply with BAT as defined within Decision EU2018/1147. 

  • Are you aware of this decision?
  • Do you know it´s implications in terms of routine odour and chemical monitoring?
  • Are you aware of the specific requirements for reducing fugitive emissions and odour management plans?

Whilst this establishes BAT for the waste treatment industry, the document is likely to have implications for other potentially odorous industry sectors in the future.

Odournet, an international group of environmental odour consultants, can provide assistance and advice and in complying with the requirements of this decision.