All four EU Odournet Labs pass 2018 proficiency tests for EN13725 odour measurement

Brands are built on consistent performance. In the 2018 International Laboratory Comparison (ILC) all Odournet’s accredited odour laboratories have again demonstrated their compliance with the strict quality requirements of the EN13725 standard for dynamic olfactometry.


Over the 11 years of ILC testing it can be seen that passing this independent test is not easy. In 2018  21 of 28 accredited labs passed the test Over the 11 years of ILC testing the overall pass rate of the 465 ILC lab tests conducted was only 55%.

In those years Odournet labs participated in the independent blind ILC 43 times and passed 40, an exceptional pass rate of 93%.  

I congratulate our odour lab staff and panel members with this exceptionally consistent proof of compliance, which underscores Odournet’s value as a reliable provider of odour measurement services.
Ton van Harreveld, founder Odournet group, Making sense of sensory since 1980