Odournet SL with new laboratory for Deodorant Efficacy Testing

Odournet is now offering their deodorant testing services also via their Barcelona office.

This laboratory is equipped with three individual cabins suited for odour efficacy evaluations on deodorants and antiperspirants to answer questions such as:

  • Is sweat odour masked by the product?
  • How does performance vary with time?
  • How long is the fragrance present? (product longevity)

In order to answer these questions, we offer you:

  • Washing rooms to allow controlled product application.
  • Screened and trained sniffing panel, to evaluate the sweat odour
  • Test subject panel, which is individually assemblable (e.g. sex, age, smoker / non-smoker, athlete etc.)
  • Innovative SMS Voting Tool which allows data collection via text message technology resulting in rapid panel response in a well controlled environment

The new lab is already fully operational and first studies have been conducted.

Odournet S.L. is located in Barcelona, at the Research Park from Autonomous University in Bellaterra.