Odournet laboratories demonstrate their competence in odour concentration analysis according to EN 13725

All accredited Odournet laboratories complied with the requirements of EN 13725 in the 2015 proficiency test for olfactometry.

Odournet is especially proud of the new TO evolution odour laboratory in Altrincham (UK), which has also shown full compliance. Furthermore, the Southern UK laboratory was not required to participate in the 2015 ILC because of its consistently excellent results during previous comparisons.

The criteria for precision under repeatability conditions r and accuracy A were tested on 10 unknown samples of n-butanol, with all Odournet laboratories achieving exceptionally good results.

The 2015 international proficiency test for olfactometry was organised by Odournet GmbH, the sole accredited provider of proficiency tests according to EN 13725 worldwide. To ensure anonymous treatment of data an external coding agency was involved to ensure double blind calculation of results.

Of the 40 participating laboratories, 25 complied with the performance requirements of the EN 13725 standard.

Odournet is very pleased with the excellent performance of its laboratories and congratulates the olfactometry teams!