Odournet’s global projects team

Qui sommes-nous ?

Our global projects team offers the best of both worlds: global knowledge and local services. Thanks to our standardised and reliable portable olfactometry lab, we can even offer our odour management expertise in countries where there isn’t an Odournet office.

How can we help?

We will carefully assess your requirements so we can allocate the most appropriate specialists from our team. That way, you can be certain that the work will be carried out by skilled staff with experience in the relevant industrial sector – gained through international studies in odour monitoring, assessment and control. What’s more, the specialists working on your odour management project will have the full support of the entire Odournet team at all times.

Even if your business is in a region where odour management is not yet well established, your consultant will have a broad knowledge base at their fingertips:

  • All Odournet consultants have the benefit of our online knowledge management system, which includes an extensive library of relevant literature.
  • Our global projects team has access to a well-established network of internationally recognised odour experts.

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Guerau Arisa (Spanish)
ph: +34 93 592 90 48

Vincent Rochas (French)
ph: 06 20 91 44 68

Yanko Guimaraes (Portuguese)
phone: +55 11 2613-5377


Pourquoi nous choisir ?

Odour monitoring

We can develop a monitoring plan that’s right for you. Our monitoring specialists and strategic partners are ready to assist you with even the most challenging monitoring projects. So it couldn’t be easier to get Odournet’s expertise working for you.

La gestion des plaintes d’odeurs

Gérer les plaintes plus facilement avec des outils professionnels. ODOURNET, à l’aide de ses partenaires, proposent une large gamme de logiciels, adaptés à vos besoins.

Avancée analyse chimique

Notre système d’analyse chimique par GC TOF MS / GC-O est plus pointue que n’importe lequelle des systèmes standard pour l’identification chimique des composés odorants. Il peut révéler l’impact odorants des produits chimiques qui ne peuvent pas être trouvés par toute autre  technologie de détection.

Dispersion modelling services

Not sure whether your site complies with local and international regulations? We use a wide range of regulatory atmospheric dispersion models to generate robust odour impact assessments – so we can soon find out.

Expert advice

You’ll also benefit from our ability to produce high-quality consultancy reports and explain complex information in both legal and public relations settings. Whatever you need to know, you can rely on Odournet to make sense of the jargon.

Portable standardised olfactometry lab

Our mobile olfactometers are used right across the world, in accordance with exactly the same protocols and quality standards aswe observe in our accredited labs in Europe. We know that traceability and competitive pricing are important to you – and that’s why they’re our priority too.


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