MCERTS Odour & Bioaerosols Testing

What is MCERTS?

MCERTS is the UK Environment Agency’s Monitoring Certification Scheme for equipment, personnel and organisations and provides a delivery vehicle for compliance with European Directives which regulate industrial emissions, monitoring data, equipment and personnel.


The scheme is built around proven International and European standards to ensure monitoring data is of a highest possible standard. The use of MCERTS accredited procedures and personnel is mandatory when undertaking regulatory monitoring or compliance testing on processes permitted by the UK Environment Agency.


How can we help?

Our UK company (Odournet UK Ltd) offers UKAS accredited services for the following determinants:

  • odour
  • bioaerosols
  • hydrogen sulphide
  • ammonia
  • speciated VOCs
  • flow rate, temperature and humidity

We also offer ambient bioaerosol testing services for assessment of diffuse sources such as composting operations and activated sludge processes, in accordance with guidelines published by AFOR.

Need to know more?

Please contact our UK office (Odournet UK Ltd) for more information.

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