Setting up your global odour project

We’ll approach your problem afresh

We are proud to work with a wide selection of clients on a fascinating array of projects. To date, these have ranged from providing strategic advice to a Colombian energy company – which has the locally unpopular role of generating hydroelectric power from the highly polluted and odorous Bogotá River – to assessing odour abatement systems and emissions at the factory of a market-leading Russian tobacco company.

Even our global projects run smoothly and efficiently
Even our global projects run smoothly and efficiently

But whatever the details of your project, it is exactly that: your project. That means we’ll listen carefully to your requirements and approach your odour problem afresh, with no preconceptions about the best methodology.

How can we help?

Our senior consultants will define a detailed approach to assess the specific odour problem you’ve presented and identify the most appropriate solution.

Measurements will often play an important role in this – which is why Odournet is fully equipped and prepared to take these measurements wherever your installation is located:

  • Our experienced field team carries out sampling and analysis.
  • Our mobile odour laboratory is specially designed for fast and accurate analysis, anywhere in the world.
  • We select members of our sniffing panel for olfactometry from the local community and train them on our mobile olfactometer – typically, within days.
  • Results are available immediately, allowing refocusing of approach as necessary, without delay.
  • The approaches of our sampling technicians and laboratory are highly adaptable to local needs and circumstances.
  • We continuously review results as they become available on-site, meaning that additional measurements are possible within the scope of the work.
  • We have the capability to generate the necessary local meteorology, derived from global models, for any location on earth.

As well as exceptional measurement processes and facilities, Odournet offers solutions that are efficient, individual, flexible and cutting-edge.

Efficient: When a relatively small number of odour samples needs to be analysed, we can ship the samples to an accredited Odournet odour laboratory instead of conducting on-site analysis. Our EN 13725-accredited laboratories are conveniently located close to key international airports (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Hamburg, Heathrow and Manchester).

Individual: Once measurements have been completed, the global projects field team will return to finalise data processing, emission calculation and dispersion modelling, and to create your individual odour management plan.

Flexible: Odournet staff will use their detailed knowledge of odour regulations and standards in different countries to propose an odour impact limit value that is appropriate for your specific odour problem.

Cutting-edge: The Odournet global projects team can respond quickly and deliver cutting-edge odour expertise worldwide.

Need to know more?

Please contact our experts to discuss your global project. We will be happy to build a tailor-made proposal for you.

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