Guideline Documents for Odour Management

Informative and practical, Odour Management Essentials is a guideline document that offers useful insight to the key concepts and most common misconceptions in odour management.

Use this guide as a workbook – take notes, highlight what is interesting for your situation, share what you learn with your colleagues, and start driving your company to become a better neighbour. Discover what odour management is and why you need it. 

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The Odour Management Essentials guideline document contains:

Part 1: Odour Management

  • The importance of Odour Management
  • Does my business need Odour Management?
  • Odour Management Plan
  • The return of investment of Odour Management

Part 2: Odour Measurement Basics

  • Sensory methods
  • Chemical monitors
  • Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry
  • e-noses              
  • Measuring ambient odour levels

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