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For effective odour impact risk management and online risk prediction EnviroSuite is the 21st century solution. The Envirosuite website provides detailed information and this video explains why Odournet firmly believes EnviroSuite can benefit our environmental odour management clients.

Envirosuite Software as a Service puts online CALPUFF dispersion modelling of historical, actual and 72 hour ahead predicted odour impacts at the fingertips of the operational planning staff of your facility, on any browser or mobile device..

Precise prediction allows preventative planning actions, optimal planning of odour risk events, escalated odour treatment measures and preventative communications with communities.

When complaint incidents occur, EnviroSuite helps to identify the location of the cause using reverse trajectory analysis, showing the modelled pathway to the origin of the packet of air that caused the impact. This allows precise analysis of the cause of the annoyance, distinguishing between sources on your own facility or identifying complaints caused by alternative facilities or sources.

A professional complaint ticketing system allows effective and immediate response to the affected citizen complainant. The ticketing can also send the complaint origin analysis obtained from modelling immediately to your own established ticketing system.

Ambient air monitoring, meteorological observations, process monitoring (including SCADA) and basically any measured signal that can be sent over an IP connection can be monitored by Envirosuite, for immediate visualisation, customised warnings to operatives or subsequent historical data analysis and reporting. video

Contact your Odournet consultant or info@odournet.com to assess whether Envirosuite is your 21st century odour incident and annoyance risk management system.

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